Updates to online booking with Court Reserve

Changes have been made to booking the Desert Pickleball Club’s online CourtReserve platform.

Reminder that only active members have the privilege of reserving the outdoor courts (2, 3, 4) during Club Hours through CourtReserve.

Court #1 is always open to the general public. (No booking on CourtReserve)

All courts are open to the public, outside of Club regular hours which are 7:00 AM- Noon (Monday-Friday).

Public courts have a 60-minute limit from start of play, if another party is waiting to play. Please release the court to the party next in line if there are players waiting for the courts

Please note that new booking procedures, to fall into line with requirements by Sonora Community Centre, are in effect immediately to allow for contact tracing:

-Bookings must reflect the name of every player(s) on the court.

-Doubles play must include all four names of the players on the court.

A new capability has been added to the reservation system, allowing for changes/edits to a previously made reservation.


Board of Directors

Desert Pickleball Club

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