Update on Round Robins + Skills and Drills Training

Hello Club Members:

We hope that everyone is enjoying this awesome Osoyoos summer weather.  The heat, while wonderful for beach-goers, means that fewer members are challenging each other on the courts.  That is perfectly understandable, as we head to the lake on our toys.

For this reason, we are making some adjustments to the schedule.  Please note that Round Robin on Sundays will be cancelled for now.  That means that members may book Courts 3 and 4 on Sundays for their own play.  Round Robin will remain on Thursdays and Saturdays for now. 

We are introducing a Skills and Drills Training Session on Tuesday, June 29 on Court 4, from 9 to 10 a.m.  This will be hosted by volunteer member, Don Brain, who plays at the Paddlemaster level.  This will appeal to members from Novice to Intermediate level.  Sign-up in Courtreserve will be limited to 6 members.  Should this be a well-attended session, more sessions may be added.

The Board is constantly monitoring the use of the courts, and will make adjustments according to Members’ input, as well as the reservations we see in Courtreserve.  We are striving to add interest and variety to reach out to all members, their interests, and their levels.  Any constructive input will be considered, for the benefit of all.

We are happy to hear your positive feedback and thank you for taking the time to make our Club a great environment to learn and play the game, while forging great new friendships. 

Paddle on!

Your Board of Directors

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