Please wear appropriate attire on the courts

Hello Members:

It is wonderful to see so many Members enjoying the courts throughout this amazing summer.

The Board is happy to see that the courts are in constant use despite the heat, that the Round Robin sessions are being well embraced, and that the training sessions are always full.

For those looking to get back to indoor play, we are hoping to open up that opportunity towards the end of the summer, as we will meet shortly with the Sonora Centre management team.

Membership is continuing to grow at a steady pace, so you will be seeing new faces over the next few weeks. Please make all of our members welcome, especially when you see them joining in Round Robin play, or if they come up to the courts, looking for games.

We are sending out a reminder to our Members regarding our Code of Conduct regarding court attire. This is also backed up by the Town’s Court Use Rules, which will soon be posted at the Courts.

Members will dress in safe and appropriate attire, including proper footwear. Street shoes are not to be worn on the gym floor at Sonora Centre and Desert Park.

Attire should be similar to that required for sports, such as tennis or golf. Men are to wear shirts at all times.

Enjoy the courts and continue to have fun in the sun.

Thank you.

Desert Pickleball Club BOD

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