Ed Kriese refereeing @ Nationals

“As many of you know officiating in Pickleball is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Where else can you get a front row seat at no cost?

Whether you are refereeing or being a line judge you get this same front row seat.

Regardless of the level of pickleball you are officiating, whether it be your local members’ tournament, a sanctioned tournament or a regional or national championship, you have a close-up view of some great rallies and the athleticism of some highly skilled players,” explains Garand Jones, Pickleball Alberta Director of Officiating for the Canadian Nationals in Red Deer, AB.

The Canadian Nationals always bring out the best players, the best pickleball skills and the best referees!

That inlcudes our club’s Ed Kriese who is at the Canadian Nationals in Red Deer, AB, along with his wife Donna.

Ed, a Certified Referee has been reffing Pickleball in Canada, New Zealand and US including Hawaii, for eight years and has been Certified for three years.

We are honoured to have such a talent in our club that is recognized at the national level in Canada and internationally.

Kudos for all you do Ed Kriese!

Photo Credits: Donna Kriese


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