Use it or lose it

Hello Pickleballers:

As the weather begins to cool, players are starting to bring their play indoors to the Sonora Centre.  Covid protocols are followed, and everyone feels safe.  Paddles are laid out on the bench, and players await their turns on the bleachers, safely distanced and masked, for their time on the courts.  In the meantime, there is time to socialize, plan coffees together, laugh and exchange contact information.  That being said, some days there may be too much wait time, especially as Snowbirds start to drop in.

We have noticed two recent dilemmas as result:

  • Players of all three levels are showing up to play at the Intermediate Level, adding to wait times
  • Novice and Advanced time slots are not being used at all, risking a loss of play time.  Sonora is monitoring our usage of the gym, and if we don’t use the times they have allocated to pickleball, we will see these time slots go to other activities.

We are asking players to enjoy their indoor play with players of the same level.  This increases the enjoyment for all players, shortens wait times, and ensures that all time slots are in use.  This basically means that you will be playing with the same folks indoors that you have been playing with outdoors all summer long.   However, at the same time, we wish to encourage our players to challenge themselves to improve their play by trying out the next level when they feel they are ready to up their game.

In order to facilitate a comfort level for players across all three levels, simple rating information follows:

In addition, we are considering the facilitation of a personal rating program, but want to hear from you if this is worth pursuing.  Resources may be available through Pickleball Canada at a cost to be determined.  However, we have the benefit of generous volunteer, Don Brain, who is prepared to help some of you who may be uncertain of your level or fearful of advancing your play.  For those interested, please respond by email to:

In the meantime, on the days when we have two time slots allocated, play may continue into the second slot time if no players of the next level show up.  It is better for us to use the time than to lose it. 

Lastly, as play comes indoors, please consider the investment into a pair of safety goggles.  They range in price from $19.99 on Amazon, to $29.99 at Sports Check, to $145.00 from Oakleys direct.   Play protected – it’s a good look!

For those of you using the outdoor courts, we will continue to offer Round Robins as long as they are attracting players, but will return to open hours if interest wanes.  The Board’s mission is to maximize enjoyment and usage by our members.  Enjoy the great outdoors for as long as you can!

Thank you all.

Your Board of Directors

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