Update from your BOD – Lessons, DPC fees for 2022, Pickleball BC fees, AGM

Happy New Year, Pickleballers.

We hope that you are still engaged in the game, regardless of where you are spending your winter.  Pickleball continues to attract new players, and we are seeing growth to the game from beginners who are quickly feeling the same addiction that has attracted all of us.

We have a few items for your attention:

  • Reminder that Fred Hamilton will be hosting lessons through Sonora Recreational program, beginning January 15.  Please advise newbies that you may know to learn the basics of the game so that they can fast-track their enjoyment and knowledge of the game.  Registration is done through Sonora.
  • We request your 2022 DPC renewal fee of $50 by January 17.  Etransfer is preferred.  As has been mentioned in the past communications, fees are being invested in an Improvement Fund for the purpose of installing SunShades over the outdoor courts to coincide with the Town’s initiative to repair and re-orient the courts this spring.
  • Renewals are also due to Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada, paid separately from your Desert Pickleball Club fees.  While not mandatory, the insurance benefits will cover players who enter tournaments.  For more information, please see https://www.pickleballbc.ca/membership-info.html
  • Please submit the names of those nominees whom you would like to stand for election for the Board of Directors, as well as any bylaw additions/amendments you propose, in preparation for the upcoming AGM.  Other pertinent and appropriate topics submitted may also be added to the agenda.  Final date for submission is January 17.  The AGM will take place via Zoom on February 12 at 10am PST.  Members may attend from any internet-enabled location, so we expect full attendance.  Only members who have paid their 2022 dues by January 19 will receive the pre-AGM package of information, although all members who have paid prior to the AGM may attend.
  • Your Board is open to positive comments and suggestions.  Please correspond to desertpickleballclub@gmail.com.  As always, thank you for your cooperation.


Your Board of Directors

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