Update from your hard working BOD

Our Members are passionate about their desire to play pickleball, and are actively communicating their comments, ideas and suggestions to the Board as of late.  

We appreciate your enthusiasm, and take all correspondence under consideration and discussion.  
We continue to take the approach of offering the best options for the most people. 

As a result of the most recent Board of Directors meeting, we would like to share some important news:

Members have truly embraced the Round Robin format each day on our courts, making the bookings extremely popular.  In order to allow the maximum number of members access to the opportunity to play, Round Robin bookings are now being limited to three times per week per person.  Court reservations are not affected in this number.  

Other changes to the schedule were also considered, it was determined that the current schedule is fair and appealing for the majority of players, especially with seasonal changes.  The schedule and usage are under regular discussion and review, and will be amended if any improvements can be worked out.  

We encourage our members to be flexible in choosing their play times with early morning times currently available.  In the meantime, we continue to plead our cause to the Town for additional hours for our Members on the outdoor courts. 

Sonora Centre continues to offer indoor court times for all three levels.  There is plenty of play time available for all three levels.  If this court time is not supported, we may see this time being offered to other programs during the summer.

Osoyoos Signs is offering a program to customize members’ own t-shirts with the club logo.  More information will be available shortly on this cost-effective option.

Volunteers are being sought to help out on Canada Day for the Cherry Festival.  We are asking our members to manage traffic control at key intersections along the parade route, as well as staffing a Hot Dog stand at AG Foods, where duties will include food preparation and handling money.  Barbecues and supplies are being donated by AG Foods.  

Proceeds from both activities will go to the Club.  Sign-up sheets and further information will be circulated shortly.  We are also accepting volunteer names via email.

The newly formed Tournament Committee is planning a Club tournament to take place in September.  

More information on this exciting event will be available once further planning is firmed up.

We recognize that our growing number of members has a wide variety of ideas and experience on how to improve and change our Club.  

We invite you to please submit your ideas in writing for consideration, and your names forward for the next AGM.  

We are open to any reasonable ideas to make our Club the best it can be for all of our members.

Thank you

Your Board of Directors

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