Two more medals for DPC

Kudos to our four club members for their stellar play in the Christina Lake “Hook, Line and Dinker” pickleball tournament last weekend (June 24-27) which had more than 160 participants.

The “Donnas”- Donna Butula and Donna Brain grabbed silver in the ladies 3.0 doubles competition.

Meanwhile, in the Men’s Doubles Kurt Bausenhaus and Steve Boyce came away with the bronze medal.

Congratulations to all.

Desert Pickleball Club’s Donna Brain and Donna Butula (far right) captured silver in the Ladies Doubles 3.0 event at the Hook, Line and Dinker pickleball tournament at Christina Lake, July 25-27, 2022. Photo Credit: Donna Kriese
Desert Pickleball Club’s Kurt Bausenhaus and Steve Boyce (far left) captured bronze in the Men’s Doubles 3.0 event in Christina Lake.
Photo Credit: Donna Kriese

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