Effective July 14, 2022, DPC membership is capped/closed

July 14, 2022

Dear Members

A difficult but necessary decision has just made by the Board of Directors to cap our membership until further notice.

Peak use of our outdoor courts is making it difficult for members to access the events in which they would like to participate. 

Hence we are asking all members to consider flexibility in booking their times of play and the number of times they play each week. 

Players are being asked to limit their bookings to a maximum of 4 bookings (combination of court and Round Robin bookings) per week, so that more players may access play time. 

In addition, we are asking for addition courtesy when a member cancels within 24 hours of play time — kindly contact the waitlisted players in order by phone to ensure that no spot goes unused.

The Home Page now reads as below. 

Thanks to all our members for their courtesy and kindness.

Welcome to the Court Reservation System,
with booking access for Desert Pickleball Club members 
at the Town of Osoyoos Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Reminder that only active members have the privilege of reserving 
the outdoor courts during Club Hours through CourtReserve. 

Our membership is currently full and no new members are being accepted at this time.  

Bookings are allowed up to seven (7) days in advance. 

Currently, courts may be reserved one hour per day, up to three hours per week.

Members may participate in Round Robin events up to 3 times weekly. 

Kindly limit yourself to a combination (including court bookings and Round Robin bookings) of 4 times per week maximum, in order that all members have a chance to use our outdoor courts.

Please consider flexibility in your booking schedules, with a mixture of Round Robin and Court bookings, to allow more members to have a chance to play in both formats. 

When cancelling a booking within 24 hours of play, kindly contact the first person on the waiting list by phone to advise that he/she has moved from the Waitlist to a playing position. 

While the CourtReserve system is programmed to advise the Waitlisted person by email, we note that not all members check their emails on a regular basis. 

Please do the courteous thing and advise by phone, leaving a message if necessary.  All members’ names are registered in the program as members of Desert Pickleball Club.  

Please be considerate of your fellow members through your actions, speech and play.

Be kind

Club hours are daily from 7:00 a.m. to noon.
(Club hours include Courts 2,3 and 4 Monday through Friday,
and Courts 3 and 4 on Saturday and Sunday)

Courts are open to the public, outside of club hours. 

Court #1 is always open to the public.

As a member of the Desert Pickleball Club, you agree to abide
by the Club’s CODE OF CONDUCT.  

Click HERE to review.

As a member of the Desert Pickleball Club, you agree to abide 

Click HERE to review.

Questions or concerns can be directed via email to DesertPickleballClub@gmail.com

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