Update on ‘Fun in the Sun’ tournament

Hello DPC members:

The DPC Tournament Committee wants to update all Club Members regarding the upcoming “club members only” Fun in the Sun Pickleball Tournament which will run on September 8th and 9th at the Osoyoos outdoor pickleball courts.

Early indication is that we should have 45-50 members playing in the “Fun in the Sun” tournament, and the Committee would like to encourage those members that aren’t playing, to come out and cheer their fellow players/friends

The tournament will start at 8am on these dates, and will most likely run into the mid afternoon for both days. If you would like to come out and support your fellow playing club members, we ask that you bring your own lawn chairs/shade (perhaps a small tent)/umbrella and some snacks and refreshments for yourself. Playing members will be provided with light snacks between their games. We are hoping to have a bit more socializing  with the players and supporters at the conclusion of the Tournament on Sept 9th up at the courts.

The Committee would also like to emphasize for those players that have not committed to play, that  it is not too late to reconsider. We just need to know via email if you want to play in both doubles and mixed doubles. The entry fee for the tournament is only $10, and we hope that this fee will offset some of our tournament costs.

We have kept registration open until August 26th, but would prefer early registration so we can do as much planning in advance of the event.

We still need reconfirmation for the initial 45 players that indicated that they will play, as well as letting us know if they are playing in both the doubles and mixed double events. As well, the $10 entry fee needs to be e-transferred to the DPC Club.

If you are interested in playing, please send an email to Kurt Bausenhaus at: kurtbausenhaus@gmail.com and indicate if you are playing in either the doubles and/or mixed doubles.

Similarly an e-transfer for $10 should be sent to desertpickleballclub@gmail.com (the security question for the e transfer to our Club is: Tournament)

I think that’s about it for now.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Tournament Chair, Mr. Kurt Bausenhaus via email: kurtbausenhaus@gmail.com

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