Great turnout for Fun in the Sun

Great turnout for first day of DPC’s Fun in the Sun tournament.

Fun is the word of the day – plenty of fun for players and spectators alike.

Terrific turnout around noon on Thursday, September 8. PC Neil Bousquet
Great day for spectator socializing under sunny skies. PC Neil Bousquet
What a great vantage point for taking in the total court action while enjoying the splendid view. PC Neil Bousquet
Hopefully the players were so focused on winning they didn’t notice they were being photographed. PC Neil Bousquet

Bragging rights waiting for their new owners. They are as adorable as their
creative maestros Colleen Lytton and Paul Avern. PC Neil Bousquet
Some players took advantage of the breaks between games to rest their joints and catch a few rays. PC Neil Bousquet
Predicting the winners in advance is always fun. PC Neil Bousquet
Yup, you got me… but the pic wasn’t just about your mustaches gentlemen! PC Neil Bousquet
Who says this was all about the fun? Great focus here. PC Neil Bousquet
Another great vantage point to watch two games at a time. PC Neil Bousquet
I’m thinking ‘OUCH’ this volley could really hurt? PC Neil Bousquet
Look at that view – what a great backdrop to enjoy the game of pickleball. PC Neil Bousquet
“YES! – we’ve got a real chance to take away some hardware!” PC Neil Bousquet
Delicious and nutritious hydration on full display waiting for DPC warriors to arrive. PC Neil Bousquet

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