And the winners are…

Fun in the Sun Round-up

by Kurt Bausenhaus, Tournament Director

Well what a fun couple of days it was on Thursday and Friday!!

So ironic from the early days of the formation of the tournament, when the Town of Osoyoos Parks Director wanted to know a few details about our Tournament name, and the anticipated times we would need for the courts.

He asked me what’s the name of your Tournament… and I spent literally one minute in responding to him with the following – how about- “Fun in the Sun”.

And now in hindsight I’m thinking, what an appropriate name of our tournament!! I am hoping that this name will stick for future Desert Pickleball tournaments!!

In summary, the event was well beyond my greatest expectations. Our members were having “FUN”, and the camaraderie was fantastic. The expectation now is that we will host a “club only” tournament annually.

So we will see. The volunteerism to host our 50 club members who participated was unexpected as well. I am counting on my fingers, and estimate that we had at least 14 totally committed volunteers that helped make this tournament go.

As a side note, I quickly counted that out of the 36 medals that were handed out there were 31 different club members who received medals (only a handful were double medal winners!)

Winners of various brackets were as follows:

Advanced Men’s Doubles (l-r) Gold: Kurt Bausenhaus & Nels Grann & Paul Averns (who was injured in game 2 of 6).
Silver: Steve Rough & Ron Bradley and Bronze: Dan Bromely & Jorge Gomes

Intermediate Men’s Doubles (l-r) Bronze: Peter Munro & Bob Bednarz.
Silver: (l-r) Nasir Kamrudin & Don Cornish (absent from photo) and Gold: Vince Leblanc & Dave Swenson.

Womens Doubles winners: Front row: (l-r) Debra Armstrong, Tina Grann, Donna Brain and Diane Padmore.
Back Row: (l-r) Karin Leimback, Jill Bromley, Bonnie Bausenhaus, Barbara Juenke, Dianne Lang, Gloria Bedwell and Janet Van Eysinga.

Advanced Women’s Doubles:

  1. Jill Bromely / Karin Leimback
  2. Tina Grann / Donna Brain
  3. Bonnie Bausenhaus / Barbara Juenke

Intermediate Women’s Doubles:

  1. Lynn Chapman / Janet Van Eysinga
  2. Debra Armstrong / Gloria Bedwell
  3. Dianne Lang /  Diane Padmore

Mixed Doubles winners: Front row: (l-r) Karen Leimback and Ron Bradley.
Back Row: (l-r) David Chernik, Gail Vodden, Dan Bromley, Ellen Zoellmer, Donna Butula,
Kurt Bausenhaus, Alan Urichuk and Janet Van Eysinga. (Absent for photo were Debra Armstrong and Steve Boyce.)

Advanced Mixed Doubles:

  1. Ron Bradly / Karen Leimback
  2. Kurt Bausenhaus  / Donna Butula
  3. Dan Bromley / Ellen Zoellmer

Intermediate Mixed Doubles:

  1. David Chernik / Gail Vodden
  2. Alan Urichuk / Janet Van Eysinga
  3. Steve Boyce / Debra Armstrong (absent from from Photo)
We couldn’t have done without them – tireless efforts behind the scenes from Helen Tidder and Kurt Bausenhaus. Special thanks to the committed volunteers who made our event a success. Please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone – Don & Donna Brain, Helen Tidder, Dave Swenson, Janet Van Eysinga , Moe Hart, Ernie Butula, Steve Tidder,  Ron Bradley,  Shirley and Randy Trites,  Colleen Lytton and Paul Averns and Ed & Donna Kriese.   There was also a group of volunteers arriving each morning to help erect the tent donated for two days from Dragon Boat Club. 
Special thanks to the team of Colleen Lytton and Paul Averns for creating
innovative winners hardware that will be cherished for years to come.
The male warriors of the Desert Pickleball Club – Thanks for your participation!

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