About our Club

The Osoyoos Pickleball Club was formed in the winter of 2015,  when we realized the need for organized levels of play to harness the explosion of this sport in our area.  In 2021, the Club’s name was changed to Desert Pickleball Club.

The Club has helped optimize the schedule and venues for our members and their particular skill levels while encouraging the growth and advancement of Pickleball in Osoyoos.  We enjoy a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn, develop and further our skills and our hope is to encourage opportunities for the continued development of Pickleball for everyone. 

Our Club liaises with our Community to encourage the development of our courts and play times.

We instill a sense of inclusion and promote safety and fair play with equal play time for all skill levels as well as mixed level play times.

We keep members informed of Pickleball Canada, Pickleball BC as well as our Club’s goals.  

We also direct members to Pickleball Canada’s website and USAPA website for training videos and general information.  As well as to the Pickleball BC website for information specific to BC players.

We are proud to play, to promote and to support this incredible game!

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