Pickleball 101


We have assembled a number of items to help the pickleball beginner to better understand the roots of pickleball and how to play the game the right way.

Below are a number of videos and information to help you better understand the game of pickleball and how to improve your skills.

Not everyone will understand everything the first time.  

So, play the video or read it again and again and it will start to make sense, especially when you practice on the court, what you see on the video.

Remember, for most of us, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the camaraderie.

For those interested in fitness, we think you’ll be surprised how many steps you’ll add to your fitness tracker, even if you only play pickleball for one hour a day


Ever wonder how the game of pickleball got started? Here a terrific video about the people who started playing back in ’70s.


There appears to be no one clear cut date that pickleball began in Canada. However, from the early years of the 1970’s, snowbirds were returning to Canada bringing back with them tales of playing pickleball in the southern United States and wishing to continue playing pickleball in Canada. The returning pickleball players were spread out across Canada, and at first it was difficult to find pickleball players and courts to play on.

Sometime during the 70s courts were built on the roof of the Doan Development building at 1050 W Pender Street in Vancouver, BC. By 1984, there was a 48 team pickleball league on these rooftop courts. At this time, the game was played with wooden paddles and “dinking” was very uncommon.

In 2007, Marcel Lemieux and his wife, Louise Barette brought Pickleball into the province of Quebec. Two years later, in 2009, they created the Quebec Pickleball Federation. They both remained actively involved in promoting the Pickleball in Quebec with Marcel becoming the President of the Federation de Quebecoise de pickleball until 2020. 

If you are a pickleball newbie, here a few unwritten rules to consider when playing pickleball. Even is you are veteran player, it’s useful to remind yourself that for recreational play, it’s all about having fun. 

Regardless if you won or lost, pickleball at the recreational level is just a fun game. Congratulate each other.

Pickleball Etiquette

Here are 10 etiquette rules for Pickleball that you won’t find in any official pickleball tournament handbook or rulebook:

  1. When somebody inadvertently hits a ball onto your court from an adjacent court, retrieve it and toss them that same ball that they hit onto your court. Don’t switch balls. I repeat, don’t switch balls. 😉
  2. When retrieving a ball from an adjacent court, make eye contact with someone from that court and then directly toss or hit them the ball. Don’t just hit the ball back into their court without looking. That’s very annoying!
  3. Don’t play keep away from the best player on the other team during rec play just so you can win – they want to play too!
  4. Don’t cross the court behind a match until play has stopped. It’s not only rude, but it can be very dangerous as well.
  5. Don’t chest-bump or be excessive in the celebration when your opponent makes an error. If, on the other hand, you or your partner made a great play… 🙂  Same goes for the “spectators.” Please don’t clap or cheer when the opposing player misses an easy shot.
  6. If you are obviously the weakest player on the court, thank the other players for playing with you after the game. However, don’t take advantage of their graciousness by staying on the court for an indefinite period of time. More than a game or two will undoubtedly wear out your welcome.
  7. If you are asked to play with a group that is obviously of a lower skill level than you, graciously accept and play a game or two with them. They will likely appreciate your graciousness and understand that you want to get back to similarly-skilled players after the game.
  8. If you are obviously the strongest person in your foursome, tone down the competitiveness and hit your opponent’s balls that they can return. Work on a new skill – perhaps it’s a great time for work on that third shot drop shot.
  9. If you and your partner can’t determine if the ball was in or out – or if you disagree with your partner on a line call – the benefit of the doubt goes to your opponent. Wait! That’s actually an “official” rule!
  10. In rec play, don’t exploit someone’s physical limitations just so you can “win.” Not cool!

               Source: Pickleball Max

Below is a brief video giving you a beginner’s summary of how to play the “fantabulous” game of pickleball

Five basic Pickleball tips for beginners

Key pickleball rules for your very first game

Beginner practice drills for two people

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