Skills ‘n Drills Videos

In this section, we will attempt to add a variety of instructional videos that will help you develop pickleball skills and strategies aimed at making your playing experiences on the court more enjoyable and rewarding.

Here are Primetime Pickleball’s top NINE (9) to bring to your game

Five (5) tips to help you win more games

Sarah Ansboury has a few tips for making great ball movement at the non volley zone – keep the ball in front – take more time to hit the ball – don’t move too much.

THE DROP SERVEWe have all had days when our serve unexpectedly departs us. Watch the video below about what a drop serve is and how it can improve your overall game. If nothing else, it could be your backup plan for those days when your traditional serves goes on vacation.

We all just want to start playing pickleball when we arrive at the courts indoors or out. However, if you do a few key exercises prior to playing, you will help prevent personal injury and you will play better, because your body is warmed up and ready to have fun!

Watch this video if you want to improve your pickleball serve

Want to learn how to make your ball spin – this video will help

This SIMPLE tip from Kyle Yates is a great reminder to improve your soft game

The SERVE – does it have to be hard, spinning, dropping? What about accuracy and placement vs. pace?

Have you thought about changing up you skinny singles? Never played whole court singles? Here’s how!

Sarah Ansboury shares an easy practice drill to work on your transition pace to the non volley zone.

Simple doubles stacking strategy that allows you and your partner to play to your strengths

Need help with your serve – here’s FIVE (5) techniques to check out

Are these FIVE (5) common mistakes preventing you from getting better?

Stop hitting your balls flat – how to add spin!

Are you communicating with your partner to play better pickleball?

Practice this pickleball drill to improve changing pace at 30% 60% 90% on both sides

Three (3) ways to practice pickleball by yourself

Indoor pickleball drills for those days when you can’t play or practice outside.

Try these DOs & DONTs to make you a more consistent player.

Dos – Give yourself room for error. Hit the ball at your opponents feet. Get to the kitchen after returning serve. Work on your third shot drop. Take advantage of high balls and hit down at your opponents feet. Have fun – enjoy the game.

Donts – Don’t avoid improving your weaknesses. Don’t attack balls below your knees. Don’t just get your serve in – add speed ‘n spin. Don’t hit to you opponents strengths hit to their weaknesses.

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